Roses in Vase


*Please note, the rose field workers were hit hard by COVID and there is currently a global shortage of roses. Our suppliers have raised the price significantly for us. We have absorbed some of that increase ourselves, but unfortunately there is a temporarily higher cost for roses.*

Nothing shows how much you care like the classic rose! The quintessential of all flowers, our roses are custom-grown for us on our own designated rose farm in Ecuador. We personally inspect each rose for quality to ensure your bouquet has only the best roses available.

This order is for red roses displayed in a clear glass vase (vase may vary slightly from photo). We have other colors available as well – usually white, ivory, yellow, lavender, pink, and more. If you’d like a different color of rose or a variety of colors, or would like them wrapped in cellophane instead of a vase, please indicate your preferences in the comments box of our ordering page.

Choose from: standard (12 roses), deluxe (18 roses), premium (24 roses)

Premium shown.

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